My $2.87 a day Office, Where a Web Designer Works

My $2.87 a day Office, Where a Web Designer Works

Where does a Web Designer Work?

As an entrepreneur, small business owner the freedom of where to work and when to work is by far the biggest perk. In this little post, you’ll find out Where this Web Designer works. Most of you know that I work with my wife in our Charlotte NC web design firm Web Design 59 and she has no problems setting up her laptop anywhere and everywhere in the house and start working. She mostly sits on the corner of the couch with the TV on, going between Netflix, Hulu and the Roku channel but she’s been known to have her unplugged laptop sitting on the edge of the bathtub as she relaxes searching for inspiration or next to the range as she is cooking up lunch or dinner, even in bed when she wakes or drifts off to sleep with an idea or thought, a flash of inspiration.

It is amazing and comical watching her drag her laptop around when she is in the flow. One of my favorite memories is when our daughter was still in diapers, she would bring the laptop to the changing table and change her diaper and not miss a beat.

The difference between her and I are like night and day. I have a desk at home, but I have no inspiration or desire to work from there. I can not sit on the couch, unlike her the tv is a distraction she can use it as background noise, but I get drawn in and totally lose my train of thought and get no work done.

My office of choice is Barnes & Noble Starbucks around the corner from our house. I get my $2.87 large coffee and tuck myself away in the corner. How Rachel uses the TV, I need real life people. Their moments of distractions are short and amusing and I can look up and see something new and the voices merge into white noise, it is soothing and keeps me focused on my goal at hand.

The Pros for me:

  1. Short term human interaction, distractions
  2. Coffee
  3. A vast Library like collection of books I can review for inspiration
  4. Cheaper than a real office

The Cons for me:

  1. Sometimes spotty WIFI, which as someone who does SEM (Search Engine Marketing) SEO and all other things online is a bummer.

I really cannot complain though because that is really my only con and when I experience the spotty WIFI it gives me the opportunity to write little snippets like this. So sometimes I think of it as a Pro because if it didn’t go down, I probably would never write anything.

Do you have a favorite place to work?

Are you more like Rachel or me?

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