As small Concord web design business owners ourselves, we had a pretty simple philosophy when we founded WebDesign59: create world-class websites for entrepreneurs and business owners, with a smarter way to pay for them.

Our clients responded with a resounding “it’s about time!”

And, when we thought about it, our approach really is about time...

…time for you to plan and budget for your monthly website investment, so that you don’t have to break the bank to come up with the 4-5 figure upfront costs most web designers charge before the site’s even launched.

…time for us to design, create and launch a 24/7 storefront, e-commerce shop or lead generator for your business that you can have confidence in.

…time for us to build a relationship with you and your business, collaborating (and celebrating!) growth and changes in your company that we can leverage into new and exciting components for your website.

….and time for your website to achieve whatever goals we agree on- whether it’s more traffic, more leads, more sales or simply to build your brand and accurately reflect how you currently do business.

Because we’re small, you get the benefit of talking to “the boss” whenever you call WebDesign59.

Concord Web Designer Concord Web Design Concord Website Design
Rachel Woods - Lead Concord Web Designer, Speaker & Website Strategist

But first and foremost, we’re a husband and wife team.  We both have an intense desire to put our clients first, to solve problems quickly and to everyone’s delight, and to develop long-term relationships.

Because of our “smarter way to pay” for great website design, we continually strive to prove and reinforce our value.  We don’t just “drop it like it’s hot” once your website is completed.  Over the course of our 2-year engagement, we’re constantly evaluating ways to make your site better, keeping the technology up-to-date, implementing new features and content that reflect your business better, and to make sure you’re informed of how your site is performing against the metrics YOU believe are important.  In short, we communicate.

Concord Web Designer Concord Web Design Concord Website Design
John Walko - Client Relationship Specialist & Speaker

If you’re not sitting down, now would be a good time. We don't raise your monthly investment, no matter how much work we're doing on your website. And, if at any time you’re not satisfied with the value we deliver, you’re free to walk away from our collaboration. You can even tell us “it’s not you, it’s me”!

Since you’ve probably come to our site because you’ve been referred by an ecstatic client around the Carolinas (we’re getting more and more of those every day!), seen us networking with entrepreneurs and business owners, or heard us speak about great web design principles at Chamber meetings, on the radio or at events, you already understand we know our stuff.

We developed “a smarter way to pay” because we understand the challenges of managing cash flow for small business. We hope you’ll reach out and let us answer any questions you might have about our process, and results.

We are always available to chat/meet with you. Click the link below, give us a call at (844) 577 -1955 or come visit our Concord website design office located at 4464 Raceway Drive SW Suite A 2nd Floor, Concord NC.

And not to worry, we’ll treat you like family. Unless you hate your family. Then we’ll treat you like friends.