When you need a new website in a flash!

You’ve got a lot of ideas when it comes to your website.

You know your target market (we like to call them your “perfect client”) and your business is changing or growing at lightning speed. Only problem is, your old website is not quite matching the look/feel of the where your business is headed.

Our Lightning Rebrand TM will align your growing business with your new message.

Using one of our semi-customized templates helps speed up the design process so your website will be ready to showcase to the world in as little as 3 weeks*. No need to worry if your business direction changes because this plan comes with monthly updates to keep your website and marketing with the times.

Fire & Data Systems
Custom Access to Our Back End System

Client System Access

Our client portal will allow us to communicate throughout the project (and beyond), keep everyone updated on milestones, tasks and status updates.

Domain Name

Domain Name

If you don’t currently have a domain, we will purchase one on your behalf.

Server Hosting


Your website will be hosted on our secure server and will have lots of space to grow.

Email Accounts

2 Email Accounts

Our Lightning RebrandTM plan includes 2 email addresses at your domain (you@yourdomain.com). We will show you how to add them to your devices or you can easily access each account via the web.

Website Research

Before we even begin making changes to the website template you choose, we get to know more about your business, who your “perfect client” is, research the perfect color scheme and the best web friendly fonts to represent your brand.

Semi-Custom Template Website

You can choose from one of our pre-built themes. Once you choose a look/feel that you like, we will customize it with your color scheme, fonts to represent your brand, your logo & images to display your business properly.

3 High Resolution Stock Photos

When choosing the right photos for website we focus on the feelings an image will portray to your perfect client. This allows us to choose images that speak directly to your “perfect clients”. We purchase all images on your behalf. We try to obtain a high-resolution version so you can create a seamless look/feel for both your online marketing and offline marketing materials.

Making Changes

You and your team can review the template updates and request any changes to the color scheme and fonts. We will make these changes until you are 100% satisfied!

Live Build of Your Website

When we are ready to begin building out your pages, we will upload the new website to a test server. This allows your current site to remain live while we build the new website. You will always have access to the test server and can view our progress at any time! Plus, we will always keep you informed every step of the way. All changes are made in real time.

5 Pages of Content Added & Formatted

All of our websites are built with a positive end user experience in mind. Based on your business objectives, we create a flow chart to map the step by step path that a potential client/customer will take on your new website to achieve your business objectives.

Using the flow chart we create, we will determine the best navigation links to add your to website. Our team uses UX (user experience) design strategies to begin laying out your navigation and content placement (headings, sub-headings & paragraphs).

Plug In Purchase

Plugin Purchase

We purchase any plugins required to make your new site look amazing and function as intended. This includes a drag and drop editor (so you can make changes anytime you need), a premium contact form and so many more!

Responsive Website

Mobile friendliness is important to us! Your website is 100% responsive (able to adjust to any screen size/device) and tested across multiple popular browsers.

Website Security

All of our hosted websites include an SSL certificate to ensure user data is secure all times and website security to prevent against attacks.

Monthly Updates

Not tech savvy or really have no time? No worries! Your plan includes 30 minutes of monthly updates. Add a blog post, swap out some images, introduce a new service and so much more! Just shoot us over an email on the client portal and we will get it updated within 96 hours.

Website Backups

Data loss can occur for any reason but we are prepared! All of our hosted websites have a monthly backup (on the cloud) to ensure that if something does happen we can get you back up quickly.

Website Theme & Plugin Updates

Updating your custom theme & plugins is crucial for website security. We stay on top of this by ensuring your website theme & plugins are all up to date consistently.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)**

For a small additional monthly fee, we will optimize heading tags, meta descriptions, image tags & content to target keywords that help get your website ranked on popular search engines.

* Website can be completed within 3 weeks if all content is received in a timely manner.

** SEO is not included in the price of this plan. You can choose it as an add-on when you receive your proposal.

The Lightning RebrandTM plan investment is $159/month for 24 months.

After 24 months, choose from one of our easy on the budget monthly maintenance plans.

We hope you’ll reach out and let us answer any questions you might have about our process, and results.

Complete our form to schedule a complimentary 15 minute call. And not to worry, we’ll treat you like family. Unless you hate your family. Then we’ll treat you like friends.

You can expect to hear from us within 24 hours to schedule a day/time that best works for you.